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Our Medicines

Quality liquor, delicious straight up or as a mix drink

Side effects like extreme partying, overwhelming happiness, sensual behavior and eventually a hangover may occur, however, this is not a pharmaceutical medicine. When in pain, go see a doctor!

Medicine Drinks

Back in the days, how it all started

15 years ago, Uncle Harry, a bar owner and rum enthusiast from the Caribbean island Curaçao was not impressed by the quality of the available rums on his island. He started importing bottles of rum from Venezuela and called it his ‘medicine', after a hard day's work in the burning sun he definitely could use some!

Uncle Harry was well known in the restaurant scene and everywhere he came, he asked for his Medicine until eventually everyone loved it, spread the word and Medicine rum got famous.

Years later Medicine Drinks was born, to keep the legend alive! It started with its own traditional high end, smooth rum, it soon expanded with delicious vodka and supreme whiskey.

The medicines are bottled on our beautiful island Curaçao by the Leanez Family. In business since 1935, Leanez is known for the famous Ponche Caribe, something we are very proud of!

 Nurse not included!

Where to buy

You can buy Medicine Drinks at almost any bar in Curaçao & Bonaire.We expect to get your medicines available at the other Dutch Caribbean Islands in the near future..

Medicine Drinks in Bonaire!
Get your stash at you favourite Bonaire bar! Need more meds? Contact Marloes and Eric from Woodstock Bonaire for your dose of Medicines.
Telephone (+599) 786 83 26 or (+599) 785 19 21

On Curaçao you can get your meds at:
- Kiosk Pietermaai, Nieuwestraat
- A & J Store, Columbusstraat Punda
- Heineken Snek Store, Caracasbaaiweg
or give us a call: (+5999) 670 70 10

For bar / restaurant, supermarket and international supplies please contact us:
Medicine Drinks (+5999) 670 70 10 or e-mail:

Show us your medicine!

Medicine Drinks are seen all over the world! Below our favorite pictures from customers with their medicine. Send us your favorite and we'll post 'em here!